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"We have a go back long trade and way related to Raw Block Sale (China and other Far East Counties) and Dimensional Products (USA, Canada, Spain and all other Latin America Countries) with all the manufacturers in all the regions of the Turkey. Consequently, our customers are really satisfied with our serves and services we gave and always be pleased working with us…"

FACTORY (Kaklık, Honaz / Denİzlİ)

MERT MINING, established on 2005, has 10.000m2 closed area and 50.000m2 total area on the Kaklık region of Denizli. Our factory is only 4 km far way from Denizli Travertine Mines and 80 km far away from Burdur Beige Marble Mines. On the machine park; carries out the manufacture of Burdur region Beige and Denizli Travertine by using 2 units Gangsaws Machine, 1 unit Tunnel Furnace, 1 unit Polish Line and 1 unit Shearing Machine and has the capacity of ~ 500.000 m2 plate and dimensional marble manufacture as annually.

WAREHOUSE (AtaŞehİr, FerhatpaŞa / İstanbul)

"15.000m2 Beige Plate and 5.000m2 Dimensional Material is always available in our warehouses thanks to the new plate and dimensional stock warehouses that our company opened in Istanbul on the year of 2011. Our warehouse is carried out the supply of all our products especially Beige Stones to the Plant and Project companies in all Marmara Region."
Gangsaw Plate;
Isparta, Burdur, Antalya Beige stones, Travertine and our all cut rock solutions related to all other alternatives;
1,5cm - 1,8cm - 2cm - 3cm (Thickness) 2mt - 3mt arası (Boy) 1,20cm - 1,80cm arası (Length)
Isparta, Burdur, Antalya Beige stones, Travertine and our Dimensional solutions related to all other alternatives;
1,8cm, 2cm (Kalınlık) Free Length 1,8cm, 2cm (Kalınlık) 100 x 100cm – 91,5 x 91,5cm - 80 x 80cm - 61 x 61cm - 60 x 60cm - 30 x 60cm

Our Company Policy

As being a company; our company policy is always using the environment friendly material and technology as a result of our customer and quality sensitiveness on each step of our manufacture in the direction of the manufacture targets, preventing insensibly usage of national wealth and resources by using our services as constituting the least shrinkage, using the high technology and methods providing occupational health and safety by accepting the works being carried out safely and securely in terms of workers health, following the minimum risk policy and carrying out faultiness manufacture in the direction of the customer demands and expectations and presenting faultiness service to the customers.